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now there are more and more runners,

is getting faster and faster,

walks in the street, the figure of the runners,

makes this marathon enthusiast more difficult to hold,

is afraid of which day his strength can not keep up with the pace of everyone.

but everyone has its own different running intentions,

some people are willing to run slowly,

some people are trying to lose weight,

some people want to run fast,
There are some people in
who pursue competition bonuses.

no matter what the original intention is,

is not affected by other people,

because our ideas are different.

based on different running intentions,

we did a sort of classification,

divides the runners into 10 categories,

look at what category you belong to.

first class: the type of

running is the most simple exercise, many people think that as long as the change of shoe downstairs can run, but the time is not affected by too many constraints, so this kind of runners generally will have time to run, but it won't run as a task to run, no time will not run, flexible to grasp the time.

for running is also a way to participate, not to participate in the attitude. These are very free runners.

second categories: want to eat and be afraid of hot

began with the rise of running in China, and it was said, "running hurts the knees, and the old will have to be disabled." Especially in the era of self - media development, such rumors are spread everywhere on the Internet.

is true, a lot of people run waste, some people want to run to see such a precedent, overcautious, eventually had to give up running other fitness methods.

is a kind of people who want to eat and be afraid of burning.

have third types: type

whether it's for health, to lose weight, to play, or to break the limit. There is such a class of people, they have to work hard, never truly, daily behavior and running training for other people's care, but on their own life and health is not up to.
The runners like
often do fish for two days on the net for three days, and do not have any fun and positive effects on running.

fat diet
, as the living standard is getting higher and higher, has naturally increased the number of obese people.
The Chinese Center for disease control before
issued "chronic diseases and >"

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as the world's most famous sports shoes, Converse, Chuck, Taylor, All, Star shoes must be one of them. This time, Converse once again introduced two Chuck Taylor All Star camouflage suit, low shoe is very ordinary, shoes body green camouflage canvas, presented with white vulcanized sole. But high shoes show many noteworthy highlights of this shoe body with olive green canvas as raw material, through the tongue and the upper, you will find that in fact there is a hidden layer of many colorful canvas decoration, it seems that Converse also has the intention of shoes in the shoe. Sole still and low shoe, the model adopted white vulcanization sole. Two shoes are expected to officially log in next week at the Footaction store and the Converse online store, and a favorite friend can't miss it!

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sina sports football fans in mind, Europe is the dream and glory of the place to start, and the one on the peninsula blue army, because of years of gains, shook the soccer world and highly honor countless fans love and pursuit. These years, the legendary moments of Italy dream team created countless brilliant, are deeply engraved in every team of Italy fans hearts, and the legendary striker Riva in the 1968 European Cup against Yugoslavia Italy championship on the finishing touches, but also won a historic moment -- the Italy team win in Rome home court for the blue legion, debuted at the European Cup champion.

in the same year as the Italy team was sponsored by the brand, PUMA launched a product called Roma68 football shoes, in honor of winning in Italy at the same time, to all the fans in Rome and the winner of the game, the Italy team paid homage! Since then, Roma68 has been one of PUMA's most famous soccer shoes for its legendary story, and is popular with football fans and sneakers collectors. T, the body of the shoe toe design long lines, constant ROMA LOGO...... For years, Roma68's design elements have been engraved on new shoes, becoming the must-have shoes for Italy's loyal fans.

this spring and summer, PUMA once again reshape the classic, the introduction of new Roma series, not only for Roma68 design inspiration source, but also through different materials mix and choose to re interpret this classic. This season, the trend of collision retro, infinite passion PUMA off deep nostalgia will ignite the football fans as shade of the battlefield!

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PUMA launched this season Roma Basic series, it is inspired by Roma68 designed to build. It has simple and comfortable training shoes to leather wrapped, highly textured black and gray color; classical and low-key, no publicity; shaping instep pad thick padded tongue, Futie foot type, full consideration to the comfort, also make the shoes are different from the shoes Roma68 narrow body lines, looks more thick and full.

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