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What opportunities are there to start when running is a hot business worth 30 billion?

university best teacher Wang in the WeChat group sent a few photos of Professor Zhang Ran group, this is the faculty organized running group photo also saw former homeroom teacher, an avid marathon enthusiasts figure, triggered a praise.

group talked about running topic more and more, who went to Orson running in the playground, who brush circle, who participated in the marathon.

in recent years, many people feel boring running is becoming a hottest sport, even fashion.

, now in Wuqing, Tianjin, I organize a marathon every year. The start and end of the competition is at my door, and every marathon is very lively.

besides professional players, there are all kinds of players, such as the cartoon characters, with the little friends, waving the banner of the company.

at the gun, professional players also like to fly away, ran a few steps, join in the fun of the players the picture is neither fast nor slow, a festive entertainment event.

people feel that running is more and more fun and even cooler. From the perspective of national health, this is certainly good. There are also huge business opportunities behind it. There are agencies predicting that the scale of China's running market will exceed 30 billion yuan.

can not be verified by this number. Maybe a little more or less, but there is no doubt that running is becoming a huge market, attracting more and more entrepreneurs to join in it.

I think there's such a chance that an ambitious entrepreneur can pay attention to it.

first is the production or sale of running equipment. In the traditional impression, what kind of equipment do you need for running? There are two pairs of sports shoes. If you want to think this way, you will be OUT.

's running equipment is now dazzling, and many of them are expensive.
For example,
shoes, many on the market of sports shoes are not suitable for running, choose a pair of shoes fit, professional, very important for runners.

shoes need to refer to various parameters of the body, such as sex, height, weight, running age, running volume, whether there are injuries or surgical history, arch type and internal rotation. Some professional shoe stores also have special testing instruments.

running shoes life is generally 800 kilometers, more than 800 kilometers, the best to retire into daily walking shoes, normally running the best two or three pairs of shoes alternate use.

, the editor of a running channel on a home website, roughly calculated an account. According to 40 years of running age, only running shoes need to spend about 60 thousand to 180 thousand yuan.
In addition to
running shoes, there are a variety of running equipment, such as compressed underwear, knee ankle, scarf, headset > wipe sunshade hat, waterproof

Group photo
sports news Hawaii local time on October 8, 2015, once a year Underpants Run (light pig run) at 7:30 in the morning at Kailua, as a charity, Underpants Run this year has ushered in the eighteenth year, as the traditional KONA before the world championships event, Underpants Run is also a charity event. The registration fee for this Underpants is $20, and participants can pick up equipment including hats, T - shirts, socks, underwear and so on.

players who participate in Underpants Run come from all over the world. There are elderly people, children, and even people who are carrying pet dogs and pushing carts with babies. Each person wears bikini or underwear for 2.4 kilometers. This way everyone laughs, pictures, POSE, funny...... How do HIGH come!
beautiful mother with her children.
everyone dressed in costumes are also all sorts of strange things, there are three old men with underwear show, young music composed by BAND combination, with Superman, spider man, a large white, dazzling dress has become the biggest highlight of Underpant Run, the charity activity is different, he did not any reward, not to provide medical assistance, no special rules, regardless of age, gender, nationality and so on, can also participate in the pet dog.
muscle man.
is the most relaxing and interesting activity before KONA World Championships. Underpants Run brings more joy and relaxation to you. You just need to bring your running shoes and underwear, and bring your smile to it. Enough is enough. What we should do next is to enjoy and enjoy it. Here, you can feel the passion and passion that only belongs to Hawaii.
is surrounded by beautiful women.
Underpants Run has been held since 1998. Its purpose was to boycott the rules of swimming bathing in public places, and then evolved into a charity event. Since the event, nearly 240 thousand dollars have been raised for charitable organizations. (D.M)
music party.

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