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When is the best morning run?

during the cold winter, many people choose morning exercises to enhance their immunity. But outdoor fitness is not as early as possible. Experts suggest that winter outdoor fitness is suitable for the day after sunrise. The best time for the morning run is based on the season, which is usually the best when the sun has just appeared, and the winter is usually about 7 to 10.
The temperature of the ground before sunrise in winter is low, and the content of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide released in the morning air is high in
. In addition, the harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon hydride and lead in vehicle exhaust gas also gather on the ground. If people start exercising early, they will breathe a lot of smoke and toxic gases. Exercise in this environment for a long time, may appear fatigue, dizziness, pharyngitis and other diseases, harm the health of the body.
When the
is 7 to 10, the sun is exposed to the ground after the sun comes out. The atmosphere begins to go up and down, the polluted air spreads to the upper air, and the damage to the human body will be reduced. In addition, low temperatures in winter morning, until the sun came out after half an hour will slowly ease. It's best to exercise 3--5 times a week.

indoor or outdoor

try to choose a place where there is plenty of outdoor oxygen. In the cold winter, many people like to go to the gym, the swimming pool and other indoor places to exercise. The air quality in winter is poorer, and the indoor population is much worse. If not for professional training, it is better to choose the right time to exercise in outdoor plenty of oxygen and fresh air. When running outdoors, we should try to choose parks, paths, school playgrounds and other places with fewer traffic flow, better wind and air, and preferably the elastic ground such as mud and grassland.

eating habits

before running in the morning can not eat breakfast, because the food into the stomach to digest this stage, after eating breakfast all morning run blood will be concentrated in the limbs, almost zero in the stomach, blood, so as to direct the only food in the stomach and gastric wall friction, when running in the morning there will be pain symptoms. Will such a long time or even gastritis gastric ulcer. If you want to achieve the effect of losing weight, you must run in the morning race for 40 minutes to achieve the effect of aerobic exercise, otherwise it will only turn out to be contrary.) the best breakfast is a cup of milk plus a fruit. Pay attention to the drinking water before the morning morning. Drinking water in general to drink a cup of cold water about 250CC is the best, the water temperature is about 15 degrees centigrade. In this way, the summer can cool the thirst, the winter also does not cause water to stimulate the mouth and intestines and stomach. When the water is slightly slow, not to feel bloated. Take part in the morning exercise at about 10 minutes after drinking.

running in the morning after the end of 15 to 30 minutes of rest can eat breakfast, breakfast to ensure good, generally choose light and nutritious food, such as Soybean Milk, Steamed Buns, egg, fruit.
saying "eat good in the morning, eat full at noon, eat less at night", is a certain scientific truth. After breakfast, a day's activity will be carried out, so it is necessary to ensure nutrition, because of the physical and mental labor consumption during the day.

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