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Night Nation Run

, Broolyn, on Saturday, USA, twenty thousand young people wearing T-shirts, short skirts and necklace with luminous necklace on their neck are dancing with the rhythm along with DJ's electronic music. You are not mistaken, this is a running activity called Night Nation Run, and it is more, to be accurate, a happy PARTY for 5KM players.
there's the coolest DJ here
Color Run is called the earth's most happy 5 km run, is a healthy, happy, self esteem shows running different activities, and the pursuit of speed, the participants in the activities of Color Run is never had the experience of running, while Night Nation Run is an interesting 5 km run, it attracts the most young crowd, in the spread of happiness at the same time, also in with their own personality.
young people high earthshaking
the running event is very popular in the middle of the American young people aged 20-30, so cool activities can not only allow them to share the most exciting moment in the instagram, but also become a bar with APP in addition to the best way to meet new friends, and participate in the field of young people the cost is about group purchase feast the price of $29.

actually, many young people who have signed up for Night Nation Run haven't had any experience of running. Only a few people actually run 5 kilometers. More people are constantly self taking and embracing new friends. This is also a way of life for young people. (Sina runs)

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