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as a classic model New under Balance 999, some story, and in this season of New Balance just updated the new MRL999 Re-engineered shelves, we saw many changes, these changes may affect followers of this type of understanding and decide whether to have. compared to the previous 999 and higher models mainly emphasizes "Anglo American system" and "origin", MRL999 Re-engineered completely focus on the design itself, almost completely the whole shoes were re combined and design, is actually a series of name "Re-engineered" source - previously used layer structure of the classic 999 a lot of complex, the wind and the overall functional partial geek, and in the new design, the traditional structure is integrated to create a seamless hot pressing technique to replace vamp, MRL999 Re-engineered looks is still a continuation of the past classical elements, but overall is more simple and refreshing, with the aesthetic, the new design for a more clearly. MRL999 Re-engineered two main color matching, integrated design is obvious classic 999 series: Classic slice layer structure design, more partial technology, some
The design of MRL999 Re-engineered
in addition, there is a large area of the air holes and the soft inner boot, in improving permeability, more suitable for summer wear at the same time, but also enhance the package foot position. The bottom is also equipped with REVlite Wyatt light shock technology, compared to the same performance of EVA midsole, REVlite achieved weight loss of 30%, simply said that light and easy to walk. As for the color matching, the main white and gray versions of the two colors are presented with the same color solid color, but also consistent with the "simplicity" appeal. MRL999 Re-engineered on the ventilation design, a lot of REVlite and tongue sole Re-engineered words
These changes in
MRL999 Re-engineered actually reshaped 999. Published in 1996 999 to wear (last wide) and damping is known, accelerate PU and ABZORB damping technology design in the end can not be denied based, but in recent years, New Balance itself in some classic re design, lightweight and simple, is the focus of the work, the former.

The anniversary of the antelope Club

is located in the concept store of HiORYX antelope club in Daning Business District of Shanghai. As the first concept shop in China, it has a grand celebration ceremony. The celebrations are on the scene, the atmosphere is warm and the guests gather.

many times in the past, has been running in the China is considered to be a marginal sport than football and basketball lively, running seems to be a most commercial sport, even in the last century our country race team whipped up a red storm in the world series, still running just think a just retired workers spend time amateur pastime. But with the change of time and the rising of the global running craze, nowadays, according to incomplete statistics, there are about 50 million runners in the world, and the definition of running enthusiasts is running 50 kilometers per week. The number of domestic runners are rising, there are about 5 million to 10 million people, marathon sessions and the number of participants is more of a geometric growth rate, in 2015 alone, within one year of the whole horse race, a total of 134 games, the total number of participants in more than 1 million 500 thousand. With the explosive growth of the number of participants, the number of domestic marathon matches has become as rare as that of the Spring Festival travel tickets. So we can see that the golden age of running is coming in China.

HiORYX is currently running antelope Club concept store has just started, it is not only dedicated to provide nutrition, run back and run product demand, reunion and other services, at the same time, also for the runners to open running courses ranging from basic knowledge and training to run nutrition, movement and other aspects of repair. In running, health, social, catering for the whole HiORYX Ling run Club concept store, and government together, hope to be able to run off the national fitness craze, the culture and the spirit of the brand ORYX running together into the concept store, compared to last year for the future expectations, HiOryx Ling run the club has been achieved in Nanjing the first branch, and in the day after will be extended to the field of basketball, soccer, golf and other more extensive fields, more comprehensive services for all consumers, truly in the field of solid industry.

May 15th morning, members of the HiOryx antelope running club concentrated in Daning International Plaza 11 terrace, has already begun for the afternoon celebration prepared, members of various positions distributed in the whole in good out of a bandbox, a building, two floor stores, the solid non celebration but did not make the site become hectic, but is more add the enthusiasm of the audience to interact with the. The atmosphere of Daning International Plaza was also lit up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. With the opening and white of MC, and the proper benefits of DJ, the celebration was officially launched. The players who also participate in the quarter finals of the zero impact treadmill competition have also been given the special zero impact power provided by the completed sport.

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