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marathon has become the most popular sport in China. However, there are still a large number of compatriots who are not involved in this sport compared with the number of Chinese population. Of course, there is still a lot of ignorance about this long distance exercise.

whenever there is a marathon event on the weekend, it is always in a circle of friends that someone says that he is a man / woman who has run a marathon. However, it is often in the message area that there are some minutes in the message area that can put out his / her questions in minutes.
What is the specific
? Let's say the following way.

1. What's the first place? How many bonuses did you get?
The person who asked this question,
must not know the distance of the marathon track and the number of the marathon. The standard distance between the whole marathon is 42.195KM, and the racers are required to finish the race within 6 hours. The half marathon race distance is 21.097KM and the finish time is 3 hours. The number of participants is generally about 5000-30000. The length of the 42.195KM you can look up the brain how much is the length, when we decided to take part in a marathon time, it means that we should not only on the track to challenge and surpass themselves, but also to prevent being closed, finish the race at the time, get finished commemorative medals. When we are in the circle of friends and share the joy of the race, we do not ask us to ask us to get a few names.

as for the bonus, we can finish the game, is it very good already? Otherwise, let's compare bby!

two, do you go to the marathon for free registration, eating and drinking lazara and sleeping in the organizing committee?

Xiaobian tells you a story: "long time ago, when marathon was just started in China, the number of participants is not very large. At that time, the government of the marathon host area was very supportive of sports development. All athletes who participated in the competition were free. The blacks are very few. Athletes are professional. The great God does not have this word. Later, with the increasing number of people participating in the marathon movement, the Marathon Organizing Committee was also organized by the government to become a sports business company. The number of participants in each marathon is ten thousand, or more than thirty thousand, who can afford the cost of a match. As a result, the international and domestic applications have opened up the registration fee principle, the participation of the travel by individuals.

China's marathon development is just starting. Although Beijing has held 35 sessions, Shanghai 20 and Yangzhou 10 session, but the domestic marathon really started after 2012. When you read this article, must remember, don't we ask people in the Valley this idiot problem, you know, now we run a marathon not only to bear all the expenses, even if we pay the registration fee, the organizing committee will draw lots to decide our qualification, in marathon.

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