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The regulation state of jogging before examination can relieve the pressure

appeared to be the college entrance examination, last night can't sleep how to do?" In the last few days, the parents of Wuhan psychological hospital to consult the parents of their children's sleep problems have come to a small peak. Psychological experts said, before exams, tension and anxiety, body stress reaction, occasionally insomnia is normal. The more you care about sleep, the more you don't sleep well.

a week ago, Xiao Lin, a senior high school girl in Hankou's key high school, found herself in a sleepless night. When she went to bed, she began to think in a confused way. "In the daytime can not afford the spirit, review efficiency is not high, even before remembering strong knowledge point also appeared short memory." Xiao Lin was upset with his face.

"fear of inadequate preparation, fear of playing undesirable, such as Xiao Lin, as a result of anxiety before the examination caused by insomnia is very common." Department of child and adolescent mental hospital director Ma Jun was in high schools conducted a survey, about 30% of the students in the college entrance exam will be the first night sleepless, exam insomnia proportion is 60%. Among them, 90% are girls, and the children with good grades are more likely to be nervous.

Ma Jun said, if you are worried about the exam can't sleep, after dinner with my parents to go for a walk, or move the sweat, but don't do strenuous exercise. Ma Jun said, last night, many parents will go to bed early. So, if I usually go to bed at night 12 points, has formed a fixed clock, 9 point sleep certainly can't sleep, more anxious. In fact, just go to bed a little earlier than usual. Zhang Changyong, the director of the hospital's sleep clinic, also suggested that listening to soothing music or songs that you like before the exam would help to relieve tension and anxiety. Before going to bed can also soak feet with hot water, pour two cups of wine inside, or add mugwort water can sleep.

source: Liu Xuan correspondent of Wuhan evening news reporter Deng Shengqiang Chen

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