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with the increase of female runners, the harassment is becoming more and more frequent in the running process,

faces these harassment
How should
female runners protect themselves in the end?

what do female runners usually do in the face of harassment?
In the course of the road,
was accosted by a stranger in low speed language;
In the course of running,
was looked at by strangers to the chest;

in the course of the road, the rider rapped a certain part of the body;
is exercising in the gym, the male bodybuilder "looks around".

these seemingly "dirty" and "absurd" behaviors occur from time to time in the life of female runners. In the face of these harassment, female runners usually have the following reactions:


in some cases, blindness to these harassment can reduce the pleasure of the harasser itself and to a certain extent combating the harasser. But in the face of cold and ignored, some offenders will choose the way to become aggravated harassment.

flurried escape type

some female runners run away from the harassment choice. They tend to avoid harassment by ending their own running or exercise. If things go on like this in fact this is not a good way, not only will reduce and weaken the desire of their movement will continue to condone harassment, evil.

defense counterattack type

, under the premise of protecting its own safety, is a new age woman's practice to give the harasser a proper counterattack. This is not only a guarantee of safety and dignity, but also to the harasser's retaliation, the fear of the harasser, and the act of stopping harassment.
How does
avoid being harassed during running?

in order to ensure the safety of female runners, and to eliminate the phenomenon of harassing women, women runners need not only courage but also need to save themselves in danger:

call rescue device

female runners should carry a call rescue device during their running. Mobile phone quick help contact, small carry on alarm and other equipment can make you call for help at the first time of harassment, so as not to get hurt during the night running.

self rescue means

small pepper powder, chili powder spray and wolf spray are all portable equipment for foreign female runners. These small objects often play a great role in harassing, and strive for safety for us to get away.

others assist

is also a good way to prevent harassment, with male friends and other members of the running group. Seeking help from a passerby or a running friend at the moment of harassment can not only add courage to us, but also be a deterrent to the harasser.

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