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10 ways to make running fun.

in the promotion of the national fitness today, running really is set off a surge of fitness. This sport is like "the love of the people", the young and the old, all the seasons. Whether it's early morning or night, whether it's a sports field or the city's Green Road, you can always see a lot of running, because the benefits of running are too much. For office workers, running is the simplest way to relax; for high mental workers, running is like practicing; for girls, running and losing weight and beauty are amazing; for weak people, running can enhance physical fitness, exercise heart and lung, etc.

has a feeling of excitement and excitement when it comes to running after a day's stressful job. No matter how much you like to run or whether you are in love with others under the influence of running, you still need a little bit of effort to keep the relationship with this lover.

if you want to run out of progress and have fun at the same time, there are some ways that are more colorful than a few kilometers away from one breath. Today, we recommend the following 10 ways to make you more interesting and challenging, to improve your fitness and to enrich your running experience.

1. intermittent training

choose a fixed distance, such as 200 meters, or choose a fixed time, such as 45 seconds. Then do your best to run and rest after a period of time. It is important to note that the time used to rest and recovery is as important as training. It can be a full rest during the rest time, and it can also be a walk or jogging. The rest time should be mastered according to the intensity of training. The longer the training time and the greater the intensity, the more recovery time is needed. The degree of recovery can be normal breathing and smooth speaking.

2. step training

adds a staircase intensity to a single "intermittent" training, adding new challenges to your training. For example, run 200 meters, rest, run 400 meters, rest, run 600 meters, rest.

3. four minutes Tabata training

Tabata training method can effectively improve the running speed. First, sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat 8 times, you can choose to practice on the ground, on the slope or on the ladder.

4. climbing training
Through slow climbing and intermittent short distance running,
can satisfy aerobic exercise, cardiopulmonary exercise, leg muscle strength and mental toughness at a time. You can have a good plan for a preset route, contains a number of small hills, a steep slope, S bending and several road running routes is the best choice.

5. converts to cross-country "channel"

chooses a more ecological running route and walks into the nature and heartens the body and mind. >

China Outdoor award Conference

one hundred tianbai marathon Chen Penbin, the first person to explore the Silk Road Chinese on Lei Diansheng, "Oscar outdoor" Banff Mountain Film Festival, the world's top brand Oakley, Gore Tes, borey...... Each one is outside the family leader, let Huaguang award awards ceremony and.

sets the latest technology and energy to promote the outdoor deep development and fashion trend, and explore the industrial chain extension and value chain upgrading of outdoor leisure sports tourism and cultural experience fusion. China outdoor (Mount Huangshan) award conference, let the outdoors blow the strongest sound!

"China annual outdoor Awards Conference by Chinese sports newspaper agency first launched, is the highest level of the year award Chinese outdoor activities. According to the criteria of influence, leading and value, we will comprehensively and comprehensively evaluate the annual development of China's outdoor industry, and guide the future development of China's outdoor industry,
1. year award
The establishment of the
award is aimed at affirming the spirit of exploration and outstanding contributions in the outdoor field of the year.

winner: Chen Bin basin Chen Penbin, a famous Chinese extreme marathon, specializes in the extreme marathon competition with complex terrain and more than 100 kilometers. He was the first Chinese to be on the cover of the American "outdoor" magazine. The fifty-sixth torchbearers of the Ningbo region of Zhejiang in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In the 100 kilometre extreme marathon of Antarctica, it became the first Chinese to win the international limit marathon champion. In 2014, it became the first person to complete the seven continents' extreme marathon world. July 10, 2015, to complete the "challenge 100· Bin Chen basin in Beijing Wukesong stadium; the one run 100 days 100 marathon goal.

2. best image award

this award is awarded outdoor, adventure, environmental protection and professional spirit and pioneer consciousness of video works (video, pictures, DV, documentaries, movies, etc.). Banff Mountain Film Festival was born in the beautiful Canadian Banff Mountain Center, CO sponsored by several mountaineering, adventure, extreme sports enthusiasts, is the world's most famous outdoor sports film festival. At present, it has become the first brand of image culture festival in the field of environment and nature. In 1986 the Banff Mountain Film Festival spread around the world, can see Banff outdoor sports movie in more than 30 countries. Banff Mountain Film for the world outdoor enthusiasts, extreme sports enthusiasts, explorers and environmentalists, is a top visual feast, this wonderful documentary film festival called "outdoor movie" Oscar

prize winner: Qian Haiying
, head of the Chinese District
3. of the year's best event

the award is the best outdoor event of the year.

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