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recently small to near the school night running, running significantly more people up, ask just know, near the end of the period, many college students have a test run. This is not? Usually do not exercise, exam only overweight, various problems also come running.

many students run behind the red ear, hands on hips, there appeared retching and sore throat problems, for these problems, I believe that many runners have encountered it, today we will talk about focus after running why sore throat? What should I do with a sore throat?

breathing error
In the process of
running, with the increase of speed and distance, it is a little hard to breathe oxygen simply relying on the nose. At this time, a large mouth will usually breathe to provide enough oxygen uptake. However, the air that is sucked by the mouth of the mouth at this time will come to the throat, and the flow of the gas can easily lead to excessive loss of water in the mouth. The consumption of throat saliva can not keep up with the speed, it is easy to cause dry throat itching which occurred in the.

recommends that runners use nasal calls in the range of abilities. Mouth and nose breathing methods also need to increase breathing depth, try to breathe in and breathe out, breathe deeply, improve oxygen uptake, ensure oral humidity and avoid big mouth breathing, causing dry throat.

cold air stimulates

's winter running is a game between cold weather. When the temperature is below zero, the outside air temperature is far lower than the body temperature. During the running process, a lot of cold air enters the nasal cavity and oral cavity, and the oral cavity and nasal cavity itself do not warm up, so the cold air will directly stimulate the trachea and throat. The mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract is dry, the secretion is increased, and the more serious is inflamed, which causes the symptoms of sore throat, itching and coughing.

recommends that when runners breathe through their nose and mouth, they can gently touch the tip of the tongue to the upper jaw, allowing the air to enter from both sides, thus giving the cold air heating and warming process and avoiding the stimulation of cold air.

inhalation of foreign body
in air
is the most serious stage of fog and haze in autumn and winter. During running, throat may be stimulated by inhaling dust and particles in air, resulting in itching and aching symptoms. If the fog and haze still persists in running, at this time the throat is easily stimulated by dust and other foreign objects, it is easy to produce pruritus, pain and other symptoms. Therefore, it is also suggested that you choose indoor training as far as possible.
Water deficiency of
in vivo

, in the other way, is that running a lot of sweating makes the body lose a lot of water and salt. The first feeling of thirst is the throat, so the pain in the throat is not an unexpected thing. Therefore, the runners must not ignore the water supplement, and keep the drinking habit. Make up for water before an hour of running, or keep the habit of drinking water regularly every day. When drinking water, try not to drink in a big mouth, but drink in a small mouth.

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