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local time on 4-8 January, at Disney Park, Florida, the "Walt Disney World Marathon weekend" is going to be held. In the rich and colorful competitions, the "silly challenge" named by the dwarfs named "Snow White and seven dwarfs" is a fun and tough competition.

January 5th -8 day, in 4 days you will experience 4 races of 48.6 miles (about 78.2km). The new "muddled egg challenge" is made up of 4 games full of fun 5K, 10K, half horse and whole horse. If you can in a specified pace to complete all 4 competitions, you will get "goofy challenge (Goofy Race and a Half Challenge (7)" 1 Malaysia and 8, 1 and a half horse) medal and the new "fools Challenge Race medals, a total of 6 medals. (of course, you have to sign up for all 4 items, and you can't get a challenge medal on a separate entry.)

so, to participate in the 4 contest in 4 consecutive days, even a small test of veteran sounds that means a lot of baggage! You may know what to take in the 1 or 2 games, but how do you pack your suitcase in 4 games?

1, 2 pairs of running shoes. (if there is room, with 3 double box.) You don't want to compete in wet shoes - whether it rains the day before or sweating.

2 and 4 running suits. If you can, you should wash your clothes, but just in case you have to take 4 shorts, 4 blouses and 4 pairs of socks. It will be unpleasant to wear stinky clothes at the starting point - whether it is for you or the people around you.

3, enough for 4 days to use disposable clothes. The game started very early (usually around 5:30 in the morning), so it was usually cold at the starting point. Bring some old shirts and pants to get ready to throw away the warmth.

4, comfortable clothes after the game. Slippers and T - shirts help you to keep your mind relaxed during the recovery during the day.

5, a large number of band aid and anti friction cream. When you run 1 games, the nipple scratch can be described as "bad", while the 4 game is running... "Bad" can not even be used to describe the feeling at the beginning.

6, sunscreen. It's really January, but it's Florida!

7, light source. It's always a good thing to have a light source in your hand, whether it's your cell phone or a small flashlight, going to the toilet before dawn.

8, a statement on the abstention of the competition.

9, energy gel or snack. If you're going to use these things in a game, it's better to take your favorite taste from home. So you don't have to go to the marathon fair before the game.

10, swimming pants or swimming suits. >

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