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brother Lonzo Ball ball played outstanding performance in the NBA Summer League, but on his signature shoe BBB ZO2 is still unable to win the crowd favorite, after all the basic pricing of $$495 and crudely made "design make it difficult to accept.

this time, that color save all the artist @CONZEPTS brought the "Bape style" camouflage pattern ZO2, with collocation of camouflage pattern and camel in the bottom, with black details, such as ZO2, do you feel you can accept? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Data mapSome
entering the door is still in the running or running stage running friends, do not know will not have such a predicament:

looked at the others running various shenqingruyan, plus a mad pull cool heart; all yearning, plus envy; look at yourself, all heavy, rigid and uncoordinated, the foot and the ground contact can only use one word to describe - Duang! Duang! Duang!!!

then, why on earth are people so light

and feel a heavy footstep?


is overweighed

's heavy weight is the first cause of the problem of running in the face of running.

too much weight of the body of the runners in running, the legs and feet will bear a greater downward force, the most intuitive feeling is the heavy footsteps.

's excessive weight will encourage us to spend more physical strength to support the body during exercise and to counteract the greater ground friction due to greater weight. Therefore, under such a consumption, the body will soon feel incapable of lack of energy, and the lactic acid accumulated during the process will cause the pain and exhaustion of muscles, making our pace even heavier.

because of the weight is too large, the inertia of the body is greater. During running, when a foot falls, our body will slightly forward because of inertia, and the force of forward tilt will eventually be attached to the sole of the foot in the form of pressure, increasing the foot force.
People with too much weight in
are generally larger, to a certain extent, to increase the air resistance of running and make us run more laborious.

suggested that brought to solve the above reasons the foot heavy, most simple and crude measure is of course the body weight; in addition, in order to avoid running, bones and joints due to excessive loading and damage, suggest that too much weight, running control run, the beginning of starting slow running brisk walking or low strength the movement, until the body gradually adapt and weight declined, then normal running training.


unsuitable running posture

's wrong running posture is also a major cause of heavy footsteps.

when the head is too high or too backward body will make the body center of gravity back, let us run all the time like stepping on the "brake", this naturally leads to heavy footsteps; but the body is too rushed forward, before the upper part of the body will apply more weight on the front foot, let every leg are become more difficult.

foot landing, many runners used to heel first, increase the impact force which makes the leg to withstand the force directly to the joints, also will increase the risk of ankle, knee injuries, and the foot heel force direction is above, it will also make the friction of the foot increases, and >

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