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often have the brush and jailbreak fruit powder mixed brush is thought to escape, in fact, the two are not the same concept, today is
specific differences explain Apple mobile phone brush and jailbreak
brush is a system to update or upgrade, it simply change the apple iOS version, for example from the iOS9 brush to iOS10, this operation is very common in life. The method is in the computer to download iTunes, install, open iTunes, and then connected with the data line operation, brush machine is relatively simple, the general will see novice tutorial.

to give Apple brush, suggested control within the two generation of the latest version, does have a lot of equipment upgrade, but after the upgrade will be very card, for example, is the latest version of iOS11, suggesting that iPhone5s can also be upgraded, but really slow after the upgrade, you must want to change a new mobile phone.

jailbreak refers to the original set of rules to break the system, get higher operating authority, need technical means. The jailbreak is popular because it has the following advantages: 1, after the jailbreak can not pay any software installation required, and will not damage any hardware on the mobile phone. 2, the jailbreak can change the theme, icon, SMS ringtone and so on, to create personalized mobile phone. To obtain the highest authority on the 3, after the jailbreak, the original don't want and can not delete delete system application.

jailbreak itself has a certain risk, but also need experienced people to guide the operation, and if you have escaped, but that system is not good, want to return to the initial state, it can not be used to restore settings, also need to re install the system.

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