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To lift weight, many people will think of running and losing weight and swimming.

which is the best way to lose weight for running and swimming? To lift weight, many people will think of running and losing weight and swimming. From the point of view of heat consumption, swimming generally takes more energy than running, but from the overall effect, swimming is not necessarily the most weight-loss. What's the matter?
which is good to lose weight for running and swimming
which is the best way to lose weight for running and swimming?

generally, the overall weight loss effect of swimming is not as good as running.

from the energy consumption point of view, the same intensity (heart rate), both of the heat is the same, swimming a little higher than running. However, because of the cold stimulation of the body during swimming, it will protect the storage of fat to keep the heat, resulting in a great increase in appetite after the exercise. So after swimming, you need to suppress a very strong appetite, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the effect of swimming and losing weight.
swimming weight loss for poor knees and overweight people
swimming weight loss suitable for poor knees and overweight people

swimming can reduce the pressure of the waist and knee joints. Swimming in the water, water provides a certain amount of buoyancy for the human body, and our joints and knees do not have to receive the impact from the ground. Swimming and weight loss are more suitable for the elderly, the overweight people, the people who have been injured in the knee.
to lose weight after a reasonable diet after swimming
after swimming is a reasonable diet to lose weight

if you swim in cold water, people will feel more hungry and want to eat high fat food. If you want to lose weight by swimming, you must properly curb your desire to hit high fat foods. To run and lose weight in warm weather, the body will be sweating so much that the body is very hot and does not want to eat too much food.
's food intake is good for losing weight after running.
's food intake is good for losing weight after running

, a British scholar found that people had different hunger after jogging, swimming and other sports, and the food categories they wanted to eat were also different. For example, people usually don't feel hungry after jogging, and just want to eat a lot of fruit and so on, but not easy to fill the stomach. From this point of view, the effect of losing weight on running is not worse than swimming.
exercise should be appropriate for weight loss
exercise to lose weight should be

wants to lose weight better, exercise is appropriate, so as to avoid strong hunger after exercise, instead eat more, counterproductive. Generally speaking, the exercise intensity is relatively big, after the exercise people feel hungry, also will eat more.

which is more weight loss for swimming and running? Although at the same intensity, swimming is a little more energy than running. But whether it's swimming or running, you need to control your appetite.
big Cardinals are best for swimming
big Cardinals best choose swimming to lose weight

actually depends on what kind of weight loss is in the course of running and swimming. For the first >

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