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many patients will get up in the morning and feel the pain when they are warming up for a few minutes before or after running, but they will relapse later. The pain will weaken while resting, but it will be as painful as before. If not treated in time, it will become worse and worse. It will lead to pain in walking, even lead to lameness. It will also cause problems in knees, hips and lower back. Because the plantar fascia is a fibrous connective tissue, there is not a large amount of blood supply, so the ability of self recovery is poor.

causes pain:

when a lot of running and jumping happens, especially on hard ground, the plantar will endure repeated impact. It will cause the toe joints to bend and concentrate on the back end of the plantar fascia, resulting in inflammation, which will feel the sole pain. Plantar fasciitis generally leads to a final injury due to the accumulation of the plantar fasciitis. Running shoes with slow shock performance are also one of the reasons for running.

is suspected of having plantar fasciitis, the activity should be stopped immediately and rest until the pain is relieved. In the early days of the injury, be careful not to stretch your feet.

can take ice compress and apply ice for 15 to 20 minutes every day. It can also be massaged with ice.

also recommends a golf foot massage, and Lao Wang has a very good effect:

moves the golf ball back and forth at the bottom of the foot to increase the blood flow of the part. If you don't get better within three weeks, go to see a doctor.

is generally self - treated for a few months and the plantar fasciitis can heal, but in serious cases, it may take a year to keep the pain completely disappearing. The recovery process of Chinese medicine avoids speed training and uphill running. If the pain is slowly disappearing, then the situation is slowly improving. But if the pain does not weaken in one year, it is necessary to consider further treatment. (Lao Wang's running guide)

There is a full understanding of the reasons for the knee and the possible cause of injury to the knee.
said the last exercise good knee, but excessive exercise can also cause the muscles around the knee ligament injury, once injured, many runners do not know why, styled, do not know the right way, even to continue to run, and further lead to knee lesions, the consequences can not run should bear. As long as we have a thorough understanding of the causes of knee injuries and possible injuries to the knees, and pay enough attention and protection measures, we won't have to fear the knee problem anymore.

, running knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome, chondromalacia of patella), running knee symptoms: knee or knee pain, after sitting in the stand up or up and down the pain order, knees feel friction or playing sound, severe knee tenderness, extension pain. (note that if only the ringing, but the knee joint activity is not painful, the range of activity is not limited, you don't have to worry too much)

pain position: the center of the knee bone, basically the center of the knee and its surrounding. For example, red circle position:
running knee most of the reasons are:
1, abnormal patellar structure;

2, the aging of the cartilage of the knee joint;

3, the abnormal movement of the patella in the patellar trench;
The abnormal structure and running posture of
4, high arch, Bian Pingzu, and knee joint, and so on are too strange;

5, the muscles around the knee, especially the back of the thigh hamstring and calf triceps muscle strain (run lead), and femoral head four at the front of the thigh muscle is not fully developed, will result in abnormal movement of patella patellar groove.
The first three kinds of
are generally pathological or physiological causes, not related to running, and the latter two are needed by our runners. For example, fourth reasons, simply speaking, are the reasons for the eight and eight reasons, or improper wearing of running shoes, causing the knees to rise and fall, not in the vertical direction, causing the patella to fail to operate in normal orbit.
The image of
is a little bit, let's look at the following picture:

from this picture, we can see how our patella (knee bone) is running. The patella is sliding along the end of the femur. Simply speaking, muscles are connected through the tendons to the patella. Muscles are like rubber bands. The tendons are like hooks. Several rubber bands stretch and pull the hook to pull the patella, so we start to move.

but because of muscle strength or body structure, leading to a rubber band a suck (or the muscle itself is relatively weak why suck, and may run a large amount of lead to muscle tension), then it will put the direction of patella pulling askew, patella not slide in the predetermined orbit that will lead to pain.

or even if the patellar trajectory is normal, but the pressure is too large, it can also cause patellar pain. If there is no >

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