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nowadays, more and more people are running, faster and faster. They are walking around the streets and running around, making it difficult for them to maintain their own strength.

, but everyone has their own original intention of running. Some people are willing to run slowly. Some people are trying to lose weight, some people are running fast, others are pursuing competition awards. No matter what the original intention is, do not be influenced by other people, because our ideas are different. According to the different running intentions, we have made a classification and divided the runners into 10 categories to see which category you belong to.

first class: the type of

running is the most simple exercise, many people think that as long as the change of shoe downstairs can run, but the time is not affected by too many constraints, so this kind of runners generally will have time to run, but it won't run as a task to run, no time will not run, flexible to grasp the time.

for running is also a way to participate, not to participate in the attitude. These are very free runners.

second categories: want to eat and be afraid of hot

began with the rise of running in China, and it was said, "running hurts the knees, and the old will have to be disabled." Especially in the era of self - media development, such rumors are spread everywhere on the Internet.

is true, a lot of people run waste, some people want to run to see such a precedent, overcautious, eventually had to give up running other fitness methods.

is a kind of people who want to eat and be afraid of burning.

have third types: type

whether it's for health, to lose weight, to play, or to break the limit. There is such a class of people, they have to work hard, never truly, daily behavior and running training for other people's care, but on their own life and health is not up to.
The runners like
often do fish for two days on the net for three days, and do not have any fun and positive effects on running.

fat dietBefore the
, China CDC released "chronic disease and its risk factors monitoring data" report: the national obesity rate is about 12%, forming the obvious location of "North fat South thin" phenomenon.
what is overweight and obesity?
's definition of overweight and obesity is an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that can damage health. Body mass index (BMI) is a simple index of height weight, which is usually used to classify overweight and obesity in adults. It is defined as the weight calculated by kilograms divided by the square of the height calculated according to the meter (kg/m2).

's definition of overweight and obesity for adults: Overweight when the body mass index is equal to or greater than 25;

Europe's famous fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela, one of the brand features shoes, with a sense of future tailoring, as well as different materials, quarterly brings new feelings to consumers. With the arrival of autumn and winter 2012, Maison Martin Margiela also launched a new leather shoes with high tube, seasonal wool, warm texture, zipper design on both sides to create a decadent punk feel.
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Yesterday, in Beijing City Medical Equipment Inspection Institute, representatives of the public visited the EMC laboratory under the leadership of the staff.
an infusion machine needs 5 days and 5 nights of rigorous testing, Department of orthopedics stent through the 5 million tensile test fatigue, medical mask tightness even detected by the examiner running...... Yesterday, the State Food and Drug Administration held the "medical device inspection institutions open day" activities, in 2011 the completion of the Beijing Medical Equipment Inspection Institute (referred to as "North inspection office)" new premises "for the first time opening to the outside world.
building is located in the North seized by Yizhuang, at present mainly accept the supervision department and the food and Drug Administration commissioned the inspection inspection of products of enterprises. In the building, the left and right sides are one to one laboratory, and the tester operates various complicated instruments, and the medical instruments are tested nervously. It is understood that the North seized by reference not only biochemical laboratory, medical radiation product testing laboratories and other more specialized laboratories with international standards, but also special mask adhesion testing of dental materials laboratory.

, in a laboratory on the three floor, visited the city and found common blue medical masks in hospitals, which were of different materials and shapes. "Our medical masks are mainly medical masks, surgical masks and common medical masks. They are mostly rectangular, cup shaped and butterfly shaped." Material room director Yue Weihua introduction, the protective performance of medical masks in addition to material, depends largely on the adhesion, detection, the staff need to wear a mask on a treadmill at a normal pace, walking, jogging, etc. run to do the experiment, but also to find a face, 5 men and 5 different type women were tried and used for more than 80% of the population, it is through the test.

there is also a laboratory, such as "iron box", where visitors are required to wear blue shoes. Opened the heavy door, we were surprised to find that, in addition to floors, ceilings and walls thick with laboratory with two meter long serrated convex, both ends of the house stocked with a dental equipment and testing instrument. "Every day the hospital operates so many medical devices that once it is subjected to electromagnetic interference such as cell phone signals, it will hinder normal operation."." Inspector introduced electromagnetic compatibility of this major testing laboratory of medical equipment, and a wall made of absorbing material "sawtooth" is used to absorb electromagnetic energy onto the wall, to reduce interference testing.

implanted the product testing room in the Department of orthopedics, and a citizen identified the instrument in the tester as a spinal column holder. The tester drags both ends of the bracket, stretching longitudinally, then pressing, and testing repeatedly. The inspector said that such stretching and extrusion should be performed 5 million times, and fatigue tests should be carried out to ensure that the stent implanted in the human body has a life span of ten to fifteen years.

"medical device related knowledge is very professional, but it is also necessary for people to seek medical advice."." A happy street people said. Many people recommend that the inspection institutions be open to the public regularly to help the public understand the relevant knowledge and enhance their understanding of the quality and safety of medical devices and enhance their safety awareness

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