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adidas Originals Benjili will be returning to the classic Pro Shell again engraved. This time the appearance of Pro Shell to all white appearance of classic shows, the use of special shoes made of leather, vamp Adidas Originals three line mark black for the details of the tongue with the gold standard design, with a pale cream in the bottom, and the Magic Shell toe blanket belt and other details of the double 30 years ago, appeared in the classic shoes again with a new look. This pair of Pro Shell will be published formally on July, the shoe fan that wants to begin please look forward to.

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A tour of the weekend

Beijing time March 10th news, this week, the domestic large area cooling, weekend horses should pay attention to warm! The following is a weekend recommendation for marathon at home and abroad.

, a domestic (athletics calendar date)

2016 Shanghai Qingpu Half Marathon: March 13th (Qingpu District, Shanghai)
Shanghai Qingpu half way
limited number: half horse 3000; 6km1000 person

project: half way / happy run 6km

closing time: 3h/1.5h
competition will show you the scenery of the New Jiangnan Water Village in Shanghai. The half life is divided into running life group (50, 60 later), youth group (70, 80) and youth discount group (90 years) 3 age groups.

Beijing spring mountain hiking Tour: March 13th (Beijing City, Haidian District Xishan National Forest Park)
Beijing spring mountain hiking Tour
limited number: 30km400 people; 10km400 person

project: 30km /10km
hiking experience
closing time: 7h/4h

Xishan National Forest Park is an important part of the scenic area of Beijing suburb. The track is composed of tar road, firebreak way, mountain road and so on. Its gradient is relatively slow, and it climbs 1510m and 602m together, which is very suitable for primary runners.

Suzhou ring Golden Lake International Half Marathon: Suzhou Golden Chicken Lake in Suzhou, March 13th

limited number: the total number of 30000 people (half a distance 12000 / short 5000 / mini 10000 / family and parents running 3000)

project: half / short range (about 14km) / mini (about 4.5km) / family parent-child run (about 2.5km)

closing time: 3h/2h/1h/1h

has a long history and beautiful scenery is the label of Suzhou. The event has been held seventh times this year, emphasizing the elements of music, with Run for Love & Music as the theme.

Taitung Marathon: March 13th (Taitung, Taiwan, China)
Taitung Marathon
limited number: the whole course 1000 person / half way 1000 people /10K1200 /5K1200 person

project: full / half way / run group 10K/ happy group 5K

closing time: 6.5h/3h/2h/1h

Taitung is an important city in the southeast of Taiwan province. Starting from the Forest Park in Taitung, the runners can breathe the meadow and enjoy the city's scenery.

two, international

Antarctic Marathon: March.

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