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today, the best runner iron realms is Britain's Alistair bromley. In 2013, he proved to be a great runner in 10000m Payton Jordan invitational tournament at Stanford University. He won less than 2 seconds in 28 points, 32 seconds and 48 seconds. His grades are only Bijialun Lupton record 100 seconds slower.

Brownlee often created the fastest running record in the iron three race he participated in. Like Rapp such people in third of the three iron can run faster?

a pure and powerful runner does not guarantee the same formidable iron three player.

in fact, such as Rapp can record the runner is likely to run in more than three projects like iron Bromley so mean national runners slow. This conjecture is based on the evidence of the past performance of the greatest pure runners in the iron three movement.

here we can consider the example of Christian Bustos, a Chilean player in the 80-90 years of the century. He was probably the strongest runner in the iron three program of that time. His marathon score was 2 hours and 16 minutes. In contrast, 6 time iron three world champion Dave Scott also ran several marathons, which was 2 hours and 33 points. But Scott's fastest performance in Hawaii was 7 minutes faster than Bustos (2 hours, 41, 2 seconds, 2 hours, 48 minutes, 5 seconds).
The technique of running in
iron three is different from the technique of running or running on the road. Therefore, a strong pure runner does not guarantee to be the same strong iron three player.

sports scientists have shown that some of the iron three players are better able to maintain normal running skills and efficiency than others in cycling. For example, in 2010, a University of Queensland study compared muscle training, running skills and running efficiency of 15 minutes running between moderately trained iron three players: one is after 45 minutes of hard cycling cycling, the other is direct running.
ran after riding, there were 7 significant changes in their normal running techniques in 15 projects. These changes have a negative impact on running efficiency. The most unfavorable change is that the angle of the ankle is larger at the time of the earth, which is usually a sign of too large strides.

is not yet clear about whether the ability to maintain their normal running skills after riding is a talent or a result of later training. But the elite iron realms of evidence clearly shows that some of the best three players of iron than their pure running ability, can run faster after riding in.

, another University of Queensland study found that the best international iron three players will keep normal running and running efficiency after riding, but this may be related to their experience, training level or elimination effect. (for example, it is not an international player who does not have this ability.)

Brownlee's 10K run at the 2012 Olympic Games.

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