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at the beginning of the new year, we not only have to plan our running life well, but also have to sort out our running equipment. After the baptism of a long holiday, we need to lose 5 things before we return to our running.

old running shoes

please check out in the shoe cabinet now. There are no more than 10 old running shoes in the runners' shoe cabinet! Although we all know very well that the running shoes have been changed after 500 kilometers, but we are the house! No Well! We can clearly remember which pair of running shoes we wear to participate in the marathon. The old running shoes are like old friends and old comrades of the runners. They worked side by side with us. The familiar tacit understanding is that the new running shoes can't be replaced.

but! You must suggest that you lose a lot of old running shoes that can't be worn at the beginning of the new year. Because there's no place to place them in the house! Lose the waste, we have space to start to update!

overdue supply of

which runs no less than the prompted by a sudden impulse to buy supplies? Energy glue, energy stick, protein powder. Check their shelf life quickly. And then to discard expired, can not eat the supplements, then she warned: don't mess you buy these!

old underwear

believes that the pursuit of beautiful and healthy female runners has a lot of sports underwear! The life of sports underwear is determined by the strength of the runners, and the average life span of sports underwear is 6-12 months on average. So, don't be in love with the beautiful patterns and colors of those sports underwear! Get rid of the unfit, damaged, unsupported sports underwear!

scrap hi-tech product

the broken running watch in the cross-country competition? Sweated underwear that can measure heart rate? "Body fat", which has been unable to read the body fat rate? Get rid of these scrapped high-tech products. Because the inaccurate or wrong measurement data are more terrible than not measuring!
A souvenir of the

besides the medathon medal, we will also bring back many souvenirs from all competitions -- marathon Handbook, sticker, match T-shirt, bracelet, doll, towel and so on. If you're not a souvenir collector, then sort out the souvenirs of these marathon races. Losing or sending people, after all, we have to play a lot of games this year.

above is the 5 things that the small editor recommends to clean up. If you are free tonight, do it. Tomorrow, the small editor for everyone to bring us 5 things to add before running! Remember to pay attention to it.

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