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When we go back to the court, is regrettable, since Michael. Jordan came to Michigan lake, the majority of the members of the bulls is very bad. "Michael · Jordan became their only hope among the forefront of the NBA team." A 1988 1987 season, the Boston Celtics coach said, this season, on the field of Jordan almost monopolized the Chicago game - he scored a total team score of 32% of the total. This situation caused widespread criticism of coach Collins. These critics seemed to understand, the Bulls team in addition to Jordan and another emerging powerful striker, young player Charles & middot; Oakley, almost no what the players can compared with the rest of the NBA club team. These critics even asked coach, don't Jordan frequently layup unexpectedly on his teammates mental and spiritual no impact? They even suspect, why Jordan can not like Larry & middot; Larry Bird and Magic Johnson as, "the companions around he inspired, have also demonstrated a strong fighting force?" an article with insulting commentary and the Chicago Bulls in some of the matches of the distance, before a sudden "attack, called for" a violation of the basketball theory ". even once generously complimented 23 is "God disguised as Michael Jordan," Larry & middot; bird, in 1987 to 1988 season saw Jordan seems to become him cheap jordans for sale a loner stadium stadium, also said: "I don't like to see always with a man on the pitch for his shooting, the game should not be like this." in fact, neither Bird nor any other criticism bulls, all the best to review the history of NBA. In 1978 to 1979 season scoring record, was recorded in the Indiana team a height 2.10 meters of young players, 30% of the number of people shot up to the team, score accounted for more team scored a total of 33%. But this was only a little over a decade ago, a National Stadium known to all players of the monopoly of the story. Moreover, the situation shows that in the NBA Stadium on this situation, then the team must have a genius and a group of mediocre generation, they have to do so if you win. Larry & middot; Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the field with the ball rather than shooting to their peer play better, it is because they have like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James worthy, McHale and Dennis & middot; Johnson such a good player. In fact, if Jordan is just like they just pass to the Bulls team mate, then the Bulls all season game outcome may be 20 wins and 62 losses, and even zero wins and 82 losses. If we assume that NBA's president, David, Stein (DavidStern) -- maybe, we all recognize him as one of the greatest reformers in the NBA: the Jordan and Larry ·&# cheap jordans 12297;NBA regular season sneakers report 12.15 2014-02-24 20:58:27 today's NBA court conducted a total of 8 games, Paul played 33 minutes, scored 38 points and 12 assists, and led the Clippers away to a 113-97 win over the Wizards; the Lakers back-to-back away challenge the Bobcats, Kobe 15 in 8 scored 21 points 7 rebounds and 8 assists, the final 88-85 victory over Toronto guest field challenge lynx; bull the Bulls early in the fourth quarter for mistakes and missed a shot, the Raptors took the opportunity to hit a small climax will lead to more than 20 points in the final 99-77 victory; the heat of the big three scored 71 points, James led the heat beat the old club home court Knight to 114-107; Nowitzki's absence, but the Mavericks obviously superior strength finally, to beat 76 bucks 106-93 home court; home court against Portland, opening the two sides feel very hot, but the second half of a sudden change in the situation entering the third quarter, hit 7 record three points, Burst cut 40 points lay one victory, 76 105-139 lost home court with outstanding performance; the Spurs Duncan 22 points and 12 rebounds to help the team to establish early advantage, and ultimately to 100-84 away win over the Jazz; Nicks hawks to usher in a back-to-back challenge, Anthony scored 35 points and 6 rebounds, 4 cheap foamposites for sale assists, helping Nicks in the home court near misses with a 111-106 win over the eagles, avoid losing streak. Come into today's NBA regular season sneakers coverage. Chris Bosh: Nike Air Max Hyperposite PE Lebron James: Nike LeBron 11 Devon - Wade: LI-NING Way of Wade 2 " Announcement" Kaili - Erwin: Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2013 PE Monta Alice: Jordan Spizike Toni Parke: PEAK Lightening Blake Griffin: Jordan Superfly 2 PEJordan Shine All-Star Game debut 2014-02-24 21:06:24 Air Jordan shoes in the worldwide craze seems to stimulate the Jordan Brand idea into a more high-end, through the All-Star break opportunity, a position in the new shoes high-end market for the first time into the Jordan Shine everybody eyes, shoes full red hot tone rendering and the finest leather material to weaving techniques to create shoes, Air Jordan finally is equipped with a large bottom 1. Rumors shoes will go on sale this summer, the specific price is still published. adidas NEO Label new release is lit early spring 2013-12-08 23:01:45 To meet the brilliant colorful spring ready! This February, adidas NEO Label continues to classic and the "color" of the pies, launched the attack hit color color loudly (Color Twist) Themes single product: color active, clever jordan 3 katrina 2018 fresh sports suits, unlimited fresh enthusiasm; color beautiful, light and comfortable clothes type dynamic wind, knocked colorful spring vitality; light and comfortable shoes escape Chunkun inject fresh vitality pretty eye-catching color, make a fresh range of early spring light up! Color Twist- attack hit color color loudly Eddie interpretation by the star models selected blue-black stitching hooded jacket and trousers with the series, the shoes with a blue-gray color of the classic fight Shell first paragraph, highlighting a bright vibrant style! Angelababy places a classic red and white color 3-Stripes jersey collar and matching trousers sport a fresh appearance. This series with a variety of bright colors and ingenious assembling basic colors, endowed with the characteristics of high real wear track suit as favorite light-colored van were resolved with fresh trouble. current source dynamic wind force type clothes season moving - wind hit the color clothing continue to attack loudly theme color, three-dimensional self-cut with bright yellow, grass green, bright rosy red or polyunsaturated Basic black and white gray color, easily match the excellent shape. Eddie worn by the star models black and white with three stripes reservations and other classic elements, but also to increase the usefu Cheap jordans online lness of wearing double-sided, with commonly known as "tear is not bad," the white fabric technology make the windproof clothing texture quickly escalated, and the black surface with crocheted mesh design is also a plus fashion sense. Angelababy places a green and white mix and match the two-sided hollow anti coat, gray trousers with NEOlogo printing fresh styling as the main visual. pretty light and comfortable eye-catching color This month NEO is still using light and comfortable shoes as the theme concept, in addition to men's shell-toed shoes debuted equipped with lightweight EVA outsole new lightweight design, streets full sense of the mash even more unique, plus Recalling classic black / white / gray / blue make people relaxed and amazing color with a hit, a pretty color detail edge lace holes are also the month "wild color" theme embellishment echo. Female models are introduced to the street basketball inspired to help in style, patent leather elements and sporty nylon shiny outfit for the collision of street style! adidas Skate Campus Vulc "Cinder" physical tushang 2013-12-08 22:56:36 adidas Skate Campus Vulc "Cinder" physical image the recent exposure of the network, adidas will interpret skateboard products are very perfect, it is highlighted by its texture, favorite friends can off Retro jordans for sale set it. mita sneakers x New Balance MFL574HC available information exposed joint section 2015-08-17 14:49:22 well-known shoe store mita sneakers from Japan once again with New Balance launched joint planning, the two sides choose to ML574HC modeled shoes use 574 classic appearance with innovative FRESHFOAM midsole is made in the bottom category of innovation With classic appearance, let us feel the innovative temperament! It is reported that the shoes will be in late August landed in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing shop selling price of 999RMB, interested friends may wish to look at it. & nbsp;Air Max Day last year, a strong return of Air Max Zero Nike, but the first color is not Hatfield Tinker manuscript in the white yellow color, so we have a little sense of physical. Today, the network news leaked, this highly anticipated manuscript color will on March 27, the overall sale, but goods quantity and can't meet everyone's needs, will be rationed. source: sizeAlthough youth can not return, but young people will never stop the foot of the road; all the way to find, find all the way, all the way to live their own kind, as long as they are on the road, there is always "now" story happened! AdidasNEO Label encourages every young person on the road to live in the present, live wonderful, "all the way n cheap air jordans ow.""! adidas Rose 3.5 "Iridescent" blue and purple matching 2013-12-08 23:10:52The brought us a to everyone; Adidas Rose 3.5 A we haven't seen the color, and before the "Murray Park Winter", shoelaces, lining and sole adopts purple color, more a prickly rose feeling in the bottom to create pink ink, printed tongue inside CHICAGO, don't know is another sample or not offering color? Let's follow the real map and enjoy the shoes. push domestic platform to help enterprise transformation ninth Chinese Dongguan international footwear exhibition Shoetec - ( spring 2009) exhibitors buyers " become the new blue ocean in view of the current international financial situation, coupled with China's long stable fiscal policy, foreign exchange reserves and positive measures to rescue the market, the vast domestic market has increasingly become a new blue ocean for shoe enterprises to cope with the crisis". Since December, China has improved the export tax rebate policy for 3770 commodities exported by China, and the tax rebate rate has been raised from 11% to 13%. At the same time, the national financial policy will also focus on supporting small and medium enterprises, labor-intensive enterprises, so the Chinese shoes enterprises are facing not only a challenge, but also a new and greater develop cheap air jordans ment opportunities! In urgent need of industrial upgrading and transformation, the upcoming year 5 month 5 day ? 5 June 7 kicked off the ninth Chinese Dongguan international footwear exhibition in Guangdong Dongguan Houjie. Shoetec ( spring 2009) will re lock direction, clear positioning and timely service market, in addition to the traditional market Europe and the United States, is also committed to open the international emerging markets such as Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and high-end products in the domestic market sales channels. export market: Welcome difficulties, the "crisis" in the "machine" although the footwear industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and Europe and the United States market is also affected by the economic downturn, but it is undeniable that the domestic and international markets still have a certain demand for finished products. China's footwear industry has a strong capacity and competitiveness. For China's foreign trade dependence of as much as 70% of China's leather shoes industry, Europe and the United States and other developed countries, the market has strong spending power, the average annual per capita consumption of shoes 7 pairs - 10 pairs. Although the financial crisis has caused some impact on the European market, but the spring shoe exhibition organizers will continue to explore the international market and the introduction of foreign two or three line brand exhibitors, help Chinese shoe enterprises seize any one not to be missed business opportunities. Through the global promotion of the organizers, the exhibition has now been strongly supported by the European footwear retail federation. Chinese Dongguan international shoes exhibition. Shoetec (autumn 2008) European buyers rate reached 21%, overseas buyers such as Russia, Holland purchasing group of buyers, buyers, buyers of Vietnam Brazil and Thailand buyers come in a throng. &nb)Traders exhibiting enthusiasm according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 650 related trade company, shoe development center located in Dongguan, plays a key role in the link of export industry chain. The Organizing Committee of the exhibition has planned the exhibition of traders, and has given special preferential policies. Taking traders participating enthusiasm up, there are nearly 126 Roth, Pei bin Bao Trading Company submitted an application. Roth said Pei Ho, the trader can not only access from the Canton Fair overseas buyers, but also understand the processing enterprises, more material suppliers, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. fair trade initial shuttle scheme; responsible for the exhibition fair publicity shuttle merchants Dongguan CITS responsible person said, has completed the fair customer pick up point declaration procedures, according to the first doubled shuttle flights, then travel will be dispatched nearly 100 professional personnel proficient in the field English publicity publicity, visit shoes exhibition guide consulting services for overseas traders to Houjie footwear fair. teamed up with ARS October pilot trend; international authoritative media ARS regional director Massimo in China, and shoes exhibition organizing committee meeting in Guangzhou, on both sides of the cooperation plan "2006 international shoes exhibition display zone" the intention of cooperation to reach a consensus. By then, ARS will help invite more than a dozen of Italy's best designers from Venice, Milan and other places to China to display the new version of the 2006 spring and summer finished shoes. Purpose to let many China shoemaking enterprise, design idea, no country can understand the world's top 2006 of the latest fashion trends, market potential of the site to buy shoes, shorten the development cycle and quickly occupied the market. In addition, ARS will arrange two expert lectures on October 14th and 15, with the theme "how to develop the EU market" and "SHOE FASHION CONCEPT"". Italy senior brand leather shoes exhibition in taking collective Italy leather International Trade Company (ITALY INTEPELL COMPANY) Mr. Christian recently to Dongguan, the group will arrange the season in Dongguan under the professional market counterparts, shoe factories were investigated and to give a high evaluation for Dongguan leather market potential. After detailed understanding of the international professional leather shoes exhibition, the exhibition agreement will be signed with the organizing committee, and the arrangements will be made for the 7 Italy brand leather suppliers to participate in the exhibitionUnder Armour will launch library signature shoes 2014-08-26 11:54:12 the most popular brand now is Under Armour, and Durant's "scandal" spread in full swing, while all this is being concerned about the time, but please do not forget that UA also has Stephen, curry, such level players. Since last season Curitiba, after joining UA, everyone for the attention of UA rising, it all had to say a library of credit in it, and UA is also quite clear that, on the day before the Treasury announced the launch of personal signature shoes in 2015, we are very likely to be the next season in the arena to see the "UA library" I.

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