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OFF-WHITE x Nike has been brewing for a long time the joint planning today finally opened a mysterious veil, structural remodeling in the classic type of shoes up to 10 models, brought to subvert the traditional visual impact. The also has long been the major part of the real star Icon on foot, the date of sale will set file in September this year. and the name of this huge project is now officially released, Nike x Virgil Abloh "The Ten" will be "revealed REVEALING" and "double GHOSTING" two themes, covering the upcoming ten new shoes. NIKE AIR Zoom Vaporfly VMAN.NET.CN 4% single shoes $350Buy The Air Jordan 1 Nike Air package, Max 90, Nike Air Presto, Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Blazer Mid. more than five sh Retro jordans for sale oes have been exposed, and by Virgil Abloh himself to many friends. Through the manual cut, inject exaggerated car line, dazzling orange OEM and unique plastic band and other unique techniques, so that the details of the shoes look at a glance and find everything fresh and new. The Ten:Air Jordan 1 x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Air Max 90 x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Air Presto x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Air VaporMax x Virgil Abloh The Ten:Nike Blazer Mid x Virgil Abloh NIKE Nike air vapormax shoes $320 ghost GHOSTING Converse Chuck Taylor Nike Zoom, including Fly SP, Nike Air Force Low Nike React 1, Hyperdunk 2017 and Nike Air Max 97. NIKE ZOOM VAPORFLY ELITE running shoes $430 through the translucent material cov Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ering the body of the shoe that looks at a glance, the application of cohesion of traditional materials to make it become a whole.8 21, ray diss ande Jett, merry love the smell you again! Today to give you the inventory of net friend is hot search Michael · Jordan. Today, Michael, ·, and Jordan's thermal search index are up sharply, with a search heat of 994. Gossip never stops, joy is more than that. Let's take a look at the hot topic today, ~ was photographed out of the hotel together. What did Jordan and his mentor do? I don't understand the story, NBA players are not parallel in the physical quality, they both on and off the pitch to the Speechless thehearts of combat, the other on the international le cheap jordans for sale ague players are far behind, and on the day of free NBA players, field days will be the focus of the media, the God of basketball Jordan was photographed with a lady out of the hotel recently, and this woman is not others, it is Jordan's mentor, Jackson's girlfriend, she is currently the buss, President, which people can not touch their brains. With the age is not small, but Jenny Bass is still the lover of many NBA star dream, and she had chosen is NBA of legendary coach Phil Jackson, who led the God of basketball was invented in the myth of different people. how much do you know about Michael ·? Jordan? And look at ~ with the small series Michael · Jordan, alias: Air Jordan (Michael), MJ, the God of bas Cheap air jordans for sale ketball, Wang , boss birthplace: , Brook, New York, USA height: 6 feet, 6 inches, /1.98 meters, Michael · Jordan (Michael Jordan), born in February 17, 1963 in New York, Broolyn, former American professional basketball player, division guard, nicknamed "Jordan" (Air). In the 1984 NBA draft, Michael · Jordan by the Chicago bulls selected in the first round of third, occupation career he played for the Chicago bulls and the Washington Wizards, rookie elected NBA rookie of the year. In the 1986-87 season, Jordan averaged 37.1 points for the first time, scoring the NBA scoring title for the first time. In the 1991-93 season, Jordan won the regular season MVP and finals MVP (FMVP), led the Chicago bulls to wi cheap jordans for sale mens n the NBA Championship for the 3 time. In October 6, 1993, he was declared dead after his father was killed and announced his return two years later. In 1996, he was selected as NBA50 superstar. 1996-98 season, Jordan won tenth individual occupation career (10) NBA scoring, fifth times (5 times) the regular season MVP, and again led the team 3 times (6 times) won the NBA championship, he was elected a total of sixth finals MVP. In January 13, 1999, after the failure of the labor talks, he announced his retirement, and two years later, the Washington Wizards again announced their comeback. Michael, · Jordan's career year in year outShanghai Street shop DOE last weekend and Converse jointly organized a field called " cheap jordans online WAVE HEAT" backyard Party. Scene, converse presents a special color of Chuck Taylor All Star '70, in the music culture in the L.E.S. (Lower East Side) of the inspiration for the design basis, very sense of design and identification of patterns, to create the individuality is full of American style. Shops in the two layer space in addition to the new chuck '70 shows, for the first time presents DOE introduced three new European brands - from Paris Futur, Berlin ambivalent and Beinghunted, all with concise and bright, bold design interpretation of authentic European style street style. In addition, the event also invited to Soulection music group Jarreau vandal, specially from Amsterdam airborne Shanghai, for the party brin Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping g live music support, also from Shanghai local Yeti in the basement of the creative team, adding more elements for live music. Paris artist WU YUE is in the open area of the scene painting, creative. source: HYPEBEASTJiangxi Industrial Park really recruitment difficulties? Analysis of with the development of open economy, the rural labor force in Jiangxi Province in recent years, labor shortage intensified, in 2008, the province's industrial park. The 250 thousand and 3 million 500 thousand, the province's rural surplus laborers. Reporters found that the search for a little labor supply and demand, strengthen government guidance, to bridge the gap of rural surplus labor and industrial park enterprises, promote the trans Retro jordans for sale fer of rural surplus labor is the key to the nearest place, this two problem "crack". - rural surplus labor force 3 million 500 thousand people, industrial park lack of work 250 thousand people, rich labor resources have been the driving force of economic development in Jiangxi province. Since 1980s, the Yangtze River Delta, adjacent to the southeast of Fujian Province and the Pearl River Delta regional advantages in Jiangxi Province, vigorously develop the labor output, at that time the economy is not open, jobs are limited, interprovincial labor output has made positive contributions to the promotion of the province's rural surplus labor transfer to non-agricultural fields. In 2007, for example, the number of trans cheap jordan shoes for men provincial labor services in Jiangxi was more than 6 million 260 thousand people, according to the annual income of 7000 yuan per person, to achieve labor income of 43 billion 800 million yuan. The transfer of rural labor force into employment has become an important way to promote farmers' income and build a new socialist countryside. Kuneva, a member of the European Commission responsible for consumer protection affairs, who is visiting Beijing, said 24 that the EU hopes to increase cooperation with China to ensure the safety of consumer goods exported by china. Kuneva, 22, began a 5 day trip to china. She met with AQSIQ and SAIC officials as well as representatives of the chamber of Commerce and the consumer cheap foamposites protection association. Kuneva said that strengthening cooperation with the Chinese government in ensuring consumer product safety is one of the aims of her visit. "The EU is China's largest export market and trading partner, and enhancing consumer confidence in markets and products is in the common interest of the European Union and China."." in 2006, China EU bilateral trade amounted to $272 billion 300 million. Consumer goods play an important part in the trade structure between China and europe. According to expert estimates, EU consumers spend about $60 billion a year on purchases of Chinese consumer goods, thereby increasing the welfare of the EU's population, especially the middle and lower class. a statistical report by Morgan Stanley said that the world should wear a pair of "made in China" shoes per person per year, buy 2 meters of Chinese made cloth, and 3 of the clothes they wear will come from china. There is evidence that last year due to China sent to Europe Pullover blocked, European retailers in the autumn and winter season key trading losses of 800 million euros. to strengthen China EU consumer security cooperation, the two sides signed the "People's Republic of China national quality supervision and inspection and quarantine and the European Commissioner for health and Consumer Protection Directorate General memorandum of understanding on the management of cooperative arrangements in January 2006". Kuneva said that for more than a year, bilateral cooperation has made positive progress, one of the purposes of this trip is to promote the implementation of the memorandum. as one of the measures, since 2006, the China origin for non food consumer goods included in the EU's "non food rapid alert system, unsafe products can be seized Chinese government informed the EU market in the first time. "the European Union has been improving the system and will provide the Chinese government with more specific information in the future so that it can trace the sources of the problem more quickly."." Kuneva says. She said the Chinese government will provide the EU with third reports on commodity information in October this year, including follow-up measures to be taken to prevent and deal with the problem. "we look forward to seeing the Chinese government's forthcoming report."." Kuneva says. a Japanese Temple level tannins brand Edwin recently officially announced the 2015 winter series lookbook, preemptive for everybody demonstration winter tannins modelling collocation essence. The new series in the design combined with the warmth and street elements, in addition to printing T-shirt, clip cotton jacket, denim jacket, plaid shirt and sweater and set some outside the single product, brand is still the season launch new indigo feeder series by for "blue" technology application, create exquisite, tannin beauty. source: HYPEBEAST

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